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Modify any files inside your root folder, and revert back to the original files within few clicks.
Jhacks allow you to manage your customizations and easily / safely upgrade the website without loose the customizations.

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versions 0.4.0:
- completely reloaded
- import / export improved
- table classes improved
- some little bugs fixed
- added Control panel view

version 0.2.7:
- some bugs fixed
- UI improved
- import / export tool, improved
- ajax feature added

version 0.2.6c:
- few minor bugs fixed.
- added a wide "search key" functionality

version 0.2.6b:
- fixed a "call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated" issue on a controller file.

version 0.2.6:
- little bugs fixed
- code cleaning
- component icons changed
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