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A simple module to show a disclaimer based on cookies.
It could be used to show any disclaimer or info to a user.
Beeing a module you can enable it on specific page, for a specific language or usergroup, combinations are unlimited.
Once the user accept the disclaimer it will not be shown anymore unless the cookie is expired.


example to use:

1) assign the module to any visible position
2) set the all the options for WHEN the module should show up (menu items, publish date, language, usergroups)
3) set all the other options needed like the disclaimer content, the buttons labels, the cookie expiration days, etc. etc.
4) done!!

Please leave a review about jDisclaimer on joomla.org and let us and the joomla community know your opinion about jDisclaimer. That is really appreciated!

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for: joomla 3.x

version 0.0.1
- just released!! :-)

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