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mod_jpanel_vs0.9.3_stable.zip 0.9.3 stable 15576 Download

You can display any modules or article inside the jpanel and set the jpanel on any side of your website.

positions available: TOP, BOTTOM, RIGHT, LEFT

give a try you will love it!

new cool functionality!! toggle jPanel from anywhere!

example: click here

example to use:

1) assign the module jpanel to any position
2) set the custom position from where to get the modules to show (type it): "myjpanel_position"
3) set all the other options needed, including the menu items where the jpanel should show up.
4) go to the details of the modules you wanna show inside the jpanel slider.
5) assign their position to: "myjpanel_position"

Please leave a review about jPanel on joomla.org and let us and the joomla community know your opinion about jPanel. That is really appreciated!

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for: joomla 2.5joomla 3.x

version 0.9.3
- fixed FF compatibility
- added OPENED / CLOSED status on page load

version 0.9.2
- added update server for ONE-CLICK updates
- Code cleaning
- added support multilanguage
- added link to bygiro.com (with enable/disable option)
- small bug fixes

version 0.9.1:

- JS code cleaning
- added functionality to toggle jpanel from external link
- better support for mobile devices

version 0.9:

- bug fix in CHROME and IE

version 0.8:
- added better support for UTF-8 charset
- better management for many jpanels in one side

version 0.5:
- added option "button image"
- added option "button HTML"
- added option "button nothing"
- tweaked "z-index" of the jpanel

version 0.4:
- added compatibility for joomla 3.x
- added option to choose color for button text
- improved colorpicker

version 0.3:
- added support to multinstances of jpanel
- some little bugs fixed
- code cleaned

version 0.2:
- fixed a bug in the jquery load paramenter

version 0.1:
- first release
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