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Tired of forms creator components too complicated or not really working??

jForms is the solution!

It uses the power of joomla core JFORM class and JDOM library to create and manage forms and multiple forms (as wizard) easily!

you can also integrate your own PHP, JS, HTML scripts, give a try!

Help us to improve jForms and develop many more great joomla extensions!
thank you.

Please post a rating and a review about jForms at Joomla! Extensions Directory and let us and the joomla community know your opinion about jForms. That is really appreciated!

YOU HAVE TO INSTALL THE PLUGIN "LIBRARIES BYGIRO" to have all the features fully working. you can donwload from here

for: joomla 2.5joomla 3.x



New features, a demo, and a tutorial are coming very soon!



please report us any bugs you may find, contact us on http://bygiro.com


jForms 0.3.9
+ improved BG framework
+ improved Print PDF feature
+ Added PRE-form functionality
+ Added Edit submitted data functionality (frontend / backend)
+ Added layout feature. This will allow custom layouts for the pages: Form, Pre-form, Edit-form, PDF, submission details.
# Improved grapic and layout of jForms
# fixed layout and graphics compatibility from j1.6 to j3.3.x
# fixed compatibility for old joomla versions. Now jForms works from j1.6 to latest j3.3.x
+ Added jForms plugin, to allow Forms anywhere in the website
# some little bug fixes
+ Added new redirection options after submit form
+ Added new events trigger: on_before_edit , on_after_edit
+ Maybe something else, I don't remember now! :-)

jForms 0.3.7
+ improved repeatable fields library
# small layout bug fixed on modal addresspicker field
+ Added file field with file editor integrated
+ Added emails sending feature based on events
+ Added new events on emails and forms
# small bug fixes "here and there"
# code cleaning
+ ByGiro framework improvements

jForms 0.3.6
+ Added sample forms
+ Added "allowed images sizes" configuration option
+ Added "print pdf" buttons in backend for submission
+ Added automatic detection file type for form event file
# small bug fixes "here and there"
# code cleaning (remove some warnings and notices)
+ added new field types
# fixed some server side validations
# improved some JS libraries in JDOM
# improved PDF creation script using the dompdf library instead of mPDF

jForms 0.3.8
# small bug fixes on languages integration

jForms 0.3.4
# small bug fixes

jForms 0.3.3
+ added ACL support for fieldsets and single field
+ added many improvements in the framework
# [LOW] small bug fix for texteditors other than JCE /TinyMCE

jForms 0.3.2
# [LOW] little bug fix on the "download" file task

jForms 0.3.1
+ added many other improvements not listable
+ added ordering on emails and events
+ added ordering with drag'n'drop sortable functionality
+ added editor buttons option to wysiwyg editors
+ added "security lock delete"
+ added copy functionality in emails, fieldsets, events
+ added variables for emails (page_url, page_title, creation_date)
# [HIGH] fixed few bugs with wysiwyg editors (JCE, TinyMCE)
# [LOW] improved few layout details
# [LOW] code cleaning

jForms 0.3.0
# [HIGH] bug fix on repeatable.js
# [LOW] added ordering in form->fieldsets view (ordering ASC)

jForms 0.2.9
+ [HIGH] Import / export tool to backup and restore the forms
+ [HIGH] frontend submission details layout
+ [HIGH] frontend submissions list layout (filtered by logged user)
~ [LOW] improved jForms backend User Interface

jForms 0.2.8
+ update servers for "one-click" updating system
+ Multi export formats for submissions (XLS,XLSX,CSV,PDF,XML)
+ blockUI on forms submit to enhance the user experience
+ recaptcha form field
+ default joomla form fields (15 new fields)
+ multi recaptcha jQuery plugin (to manage automatically many recaptcha instances in a page)
# [HIGH] forms server side validation not performing correctly
# [LOW] import jForms not performing correctly

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