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Tired of forms creator components too complicated or not really working??

jForms is the solution!

It uses the power of joomla core JFORM class and JDOM library to create and manage forms and multiple forms (as wizard) easily!

you can also integrate your own PHP, JS, HTML scripts, give a try!

Help us to improve jForms and develop many more great joomla extensions!
thank you.

Please post a rating and a review about jForms at Joomla! Extensions Directory and let us and the joomla community know your opinion about jForms. That is really appreciated!

YOU HAVE TO INSTALL THE PLUGIN "LIBRARIES BYGIRO" to have all the features fully working. you can donwload from here

for: joomla 2.5joomla 3.x



New features, a demo, and a tutorial are coming very soon!



please report us any bugs you may find, contact us on http://bygiro.com

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