Joomla Extensions


Tired of forms creator components too complicated or not really working??

jForms is the solution!

jHacks PRO Jhacks and Joverrider in ONE component plus extra features to improve and speed up the tasks. A complete solution to keep track of all your hacks and modifications on your website.
jHacks Modify any files inside your root folder, and revert back to the original files within few clicks.
Jhacks allow you to manage your customizations and easily / safely upgrade the website without loose the customizations.
jOverrider The first and only overrides manager for the default joomla overrides system. A complete solution to easily manage the template overrides and language overrides within few clicks! For more information visit

jRelease is a file repository / download system. An example of use is the extensions download system at

It's specifically designed to be simple but VERY effective, no millions of options, just what you really need, nothing else!

Libraries By Giro

Collection of PHP libraries, integrated in JOOMLA by G. Tomaselli (


You can display any modules or article inside the jpanel and set the jpanel on any side of your website.

positions available: TOP, BOTTOM, RIGHT, LEFT

give a try you will love it!

jDisclaimer A simple module to show a disclaimer based on cookies.
It could be used to show any disclaimer or info to a user.
Beeing a module you can enable it on specific page, for a specific language or usergroup, combinations are unlimited.
Once the user accept the disclaimer it will not be shown anymore unless the cookie is expired.
jPopmessages This plugin convert the ugly joomla system messages in nice popup box messages. you can use JQUERY, MOOTOOLS or BOOTSTRAP, it can work for the frontend / backend or both. give a try!
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